Felling of mahabbah (love) toward the Prophet Muhammad is a important thing to have. Why? Our faith has nothing in it until we’ve been putting Allah’s Apostle as one of the most loved and cherished. Allah’s prophet is the pointer to the right path and enforcer of justice. Without his mission we will go astray and will not be saved rumors about Ronda Rousey. Because of this very principle of mahabbah, then it is natural when people who have it will get blessing from Allah.

Once upon a time, there was a Bedouin came from rural village with tattered and unbuttoned clothes, untidy hair, and barefooted. In the presence of Allah’s Apostle SAW he asked, “Muhammad, when the apocalypse? When the apocalypse will come?”

The Prophet was made stunned, no one really asks the coming Qiyamah. Then the Prophet asked, “Why did you ask about doomsday, have you ready with a lot of good deeds?” The Bedouin man replied, “O Messenger of Allah, I know Islam not so long ago, my prayer is not perfect yet, neither my fasting, I have no charity, no zakat and hajj, because I am a poor people. But here the Apostle, I only have one deed, I always fantasize and daydream, when I can meet Muhammad the Messenger of Allah. So I just think mahabbah to thee, O Prophet.” Prophet then said, “You will be with the person you love.”

Feeling of mahabbah to the Messenger is one of the real Syafa’at, even there is no exception for Abu Lahab. He was notoriously a very hostile infidel, was mocked and reviled by name in the Quran that is read by Muslims around the world. But he had little evidence of mahabbah and excited about the birth of Allah’s Apostle. When he heard that the Muhammad was born, he was delighted and pranced, to the extent that Umm ‘Aiman who brought news of birth freed from slavery. Just because of the a little fell of mahabbah, Abu Lahab released from the torment of hell every Monday, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, a kind of vacation from punishment.

Is it enough people who claim to love the Apostle by simply said, “I love you”?
No, not quite!

But it must be accompanied by tangible evidence. There must be a rational reason and a ma’qul one. As a shufiyah Rabi’a Al-Adawiyah, was so much love for Allah SWT, until she recite poetry:

Oh God – I love Thee two love
One love is the compassionate love and the other love because You should be loved
The compassionate love is that I left this world for You
And you deserve my love because you opened all walls in front of me so I can see You.
No praise for me for both loves
But the praise is for You in everything

to be continued …

*) The tittle is from Editor. The content is an excerpt form KH. Ali Maksum speech in Pesantren Darul Rahman, South Jakarta (15 Robiul Akhir 1408 H./6 December 1987 M.)

photo by widyawan

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