Solidarity for Merapi

When Merapi erupted many students and alumni asked Pesantren Ali Maksum Krapyak about its conditions. Alhamdulillah, Krapyak ,which is 40 km south of the mountain, is just covered with a thin white ash. Learning activities took place as usual to fixtures and betting odds.

As a form of solidarity for the victims of the eruption of Merapi, the students under the coordination of Mrs. Maya Fitria, garner support for Merapi. The students took the initiative to collect used clothing worth wearing and put aside some of their pocket money, some alumni and relatives also transfer funds through the foundation accounts, and some came directly deliver aid.

Pesantren Krapyak also get a trustful from congregation mosque Torino, Italy and LintangIndonesia in Ireland to channel their donations. The total fund collected was $ 2.86 thousands, while the form of goods worth far more.

The aid also can not be separated from the role of alumni in and around the disaster area. Information about the areas unreached by the official government aid is obtained from them. That’s where Krapyak channeled the assistance. Some of the money collected was spent in line with the needs of refugees and distributed together with relief goods in form of masks, clothes, blankets, diapers, sanitary napkins, mukena, gloves,milk, rice, oil, vegetables and other foodstuffs.

In addition to direct distribution, some fund were channeled through PWNU (local branch of Nahdlatul Ulama, a nation-wide Muslim organization) and also allocated for scholarships to several students whose parents are victims of the Merapi eruption. Pondok Pesantren Ali Maksum Krapyak waived their education costs while the Merapi aid was used for living expenses of these students.

Jazakumullahu ahsanal jazaa’ for their help and trust in distributing aid to victims of Mount Merapi. May God responded with the best rewards! (diana)

Photo by REUTERS / Beawiharta

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