Eco Pesantren

Only 30 percent of about 280 Islamic boarding schools (Pondok Pesantren or Ponpes) in Yogyakarta are environmental friendly. Among them are Ponpes Ali Maksum Krapyak, Ponpes Pandanaran, Ponpes Mu’allimin. Compared to 5-10 years ago, nowadays Ponpes is cleaner and give more attention to health, said the Head of Regional Office of the Department of Religious Education Yogyakarta Drs. Read in more detail in this material. H Ridwan Priya and Head of Regional Office of Religious Affairs Dra Hj.Mas’ amah, MPdI in his office on Friday (6 /11).

”In the past if we went to Ponpes, we would find smelly, dirty, a lot of clothes that are hung and many students who suffer from itching (gudhig), but  now it’s rare,” said Ridwan.

Since three years ago, Yogyakarta Regional Religious Office Affairs in collaboration with the Environmental Agency conducted training in liquid waste handling and autonomous garbage treatment. The Office also made an evaluation of eco-friendly ponpes. Successful ponpes will represent Yogyakarta to attend an assessment at the provincial level. They are also given stimulant from Government that worth around 3-5 millions rupiah (around $ 3000-5000).

Until recently, the assessment of environmentally sound ponpes only exist in the provincial level. ”There was a ponpes from  East Kalimantan  that study eco-pesantren in Yogyakarta to develop environmental friendly ponpes there,”he said.
Meanwhile, according Mas’amah, although there are enough Ponpes environmentally sound, but only slightly Ponpes who has waste water treatment plan (WWTP). Because Ponpes that privately managed mostly cannot afford it.

Minister of State for Environment, Gusti Muhammad Hatta recently also said that eco-pesantren programs will be expanded throughout Indonesia. (sumber: Republika)

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