Workshop on Creative Writing

Madrasah Aliyah (Islamic High School) Ali Maksum held a workshop entitled “Student Week of Creative Writing”. This activity inspires students to understand how important writing is. At the workshop , Madrasah Aliyah invites some popular writers in Yogyakarta.

Saiful Amin Ghofur, explains and encourages the students try to life as a writer with very easy step: write a diary. With this way, we can start writing things that already in our minds as an inspiration. Saiful also explain about  reviewing process.

Muhammadun, a well known author of articles/opinions, recalled that dozens of his work was rejected by the media. But due to diligence, effort and seriousness to be involved in the world of writing, he is now reaping its benefits.

Brother Wes, “the king of story teller” which very popular among children to the elderly, is also present. He is very adept to entertain the audience. He also invited the students to write a story and describe things that are around. This step made students very excited and stimulated innovative thinking. Aguk Irawan, author of  “Stanza of Love” was also present. He is also a skilled novel translator. He invited the students to create & read poetry.

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