Educational Seminar

On Monday, March 9, 2009 which coincides with the commemoration of Prophet Muhammad birthday, GRANAT community (Association of the MA Ali Maksum Alumni 2007 Class) conduct educational seminars held at the auditorium MA Ali Maksum.

The theme was “Missionaries Spirit and Motivation: Learning the Missionary Mindset and Student Motivation  as Young Scholars”. The presenter were Mr. Ihsanuddin(Researcher and Social Observer) and Mrs. Sarah Eny Saraswati (a former Christian missionary and pastor of Bethel Church) . The seminar was able to attract attention and curiosity of the audience and they were very enthusiastic with the theme carried.

“This seminar facilitated learning and strengthening for Muslims, especially among students when faced with the rise of Christianization in Indonesia,” said Supriyadi (committee) when interviewed. In the seminar,  the youth are expected to take the spirit of Islam and transform it for the struggle of Islamic values which is rahmatan lil ‘alamin: the peace face of Islam, always keep the harmony among fellow human beings and also have a solid belief in quality. (super /hum)

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