Four Teachings of Sunan Drajat

Menehono teken marang wong kang wuto
menehono mangan marang wong kang luwe
menehono busono marang wong kang wudo
menehono ngiyup marang wong kang kudanan
. (Raden Qosim Sunan Drajat)

Give a stick to people who are blind
Give food to the hungry
Give clothes to those who are bare
Give shelter to people who are caught in the rain.

The clerics and scholars should provide guidance, teaching and advice to anyone who can not or do not know yet. His job gave the stick or the teaching or advice to be used as a guide in everyday life.

For people who are able or rich should give their excess wealth, whether it be food or clothing to someone who is weak and the needy. Fulfilling the need of fellow human will help to strengthen their life. Especially if the gift is its provision of capital or soft loans, would be more useful in alleviating them from poverty.

And for the officials or powerful, is obliged to provide protection, safety and welfare for all citizens, especially for those who are weak or marginalized. The law must necessarily be enforced fairly as possible. The development must necessarily reach them, and seek the widest distribution …

In essence, kullun ya’malu ‘ala syakilatih. Allaah knows best. Jazakallah ahsanal-jaza.
Kanjeng Sunan.

* Sunan Drajat is one of the Walisanga. They are revered saints of Islam in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java, because of their historic role in the Spread of Islam in Indonesia.

by H. Hilmy Mohammad
Caregiver of Pesantren Ali Maksum Krapyak and teaching staff at UIN Sunan Kalijaga

Translated by Editor.

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